Swimming for Women

Swimming for Women

Juggling life at work and home can be a tedious task. The women in our lives are constantly struggling with balancing these two and doing very well at it. However, striking this balance comes at a great personal cost and leaves them completely drained of vigour and energy. Therefore it is important for women to indulge in physical activities that can help release this stress while taking care of their physical health.

Swimming is an excellent activity to maintain complete body fitness for women. A low impact aerobic activity, swimming builds lean, long muscles and are instrumental in maintaining a healthy weight.

As an exercise, it works various important muscle groups like the arms, legs, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles. It increases flexibility while toning all these muscles. Buoyed by the water, the body is in minimal danger of getting hurt as the water is cushioning it at all times. In such a safe environment it is easy to build strong muscles. Regular swimming increases your lung capacity and builds good cardiovascular health.

Freestyle swimming at a moderate speed can serve as an excellent way to burn calories and maintain your weight. You can burn approximately five hundred calories in an hour if your swimming ability is average. More advanced swimmers can burn up to eight hundred calories hourly. The freestyle is an excellent stroke and keeps all your muscle groups exercised.

Twice more likely than men to suffer from stress, depression and anxiety, women need to take care of their mental health more delicately. Swimming induces neurotransmitters and endorphins which ward off anxiety and depression. It also strengthens the immune system and has a calming effect on the body.

A solo activity, it gives a good outlet to your energy and helps you think clearly and effectively. Almost therapeutic, it can serve as a form of meditation. Swimming rhythmically at a slow constant pace with regular breathing lulls your psyche into peace and tranquillity.

Swimming is an excellent choice of exercise for pregnant women. It is a low impact exercise, and the woman’s body is supported by the buoyant force of the water. This makes it exercising more convenient and comfortable than on the land. While increasing muscular strength, it also improves oxygen efficiency. This eases the challenges posed by labor and delivers oxygen more effectively to the baby.

Swimming also lowers the stress levels and anxiety that may be experienced during pregnancy. Pregnant women report to sleeping better and feeling less physically and psychologically challenged with swimming added into their routine.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Both mentally and physically therapeutic, it can solve a lot of your health problems.

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