Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make


Getting a new dog can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. Owners often can’t wait to take their dogs to their new home with their new family. This in turn results to a number of dog owners often forgetting a couple of things because of their excitement. Let us look at some of the common mistakes dog owners make and how to avoid them.


Forgetting to Spray or Neuter

Spraying or neutering your dog plays a very important role in keeping your pets safe and is also vital in reducing the epidemic of homeless dogs in your area. A number of dog owners often assume that their pets will be able to handle themselves in controlling their cravings. However, such is not the case especially since it is wired in their system to look for a mate. As a result, unsprayed or unneutered dogs tend to wander around aimlessly in hopes to find a partner. This however, increases the likelihood of your dog to get lost, hurt or contract diseases.


Skipping Appointments with Vet


Just like humans, dogs benefit from a routine visit to their vet. This in turn helps keep dogs in good condition and shape. Some dog owners however, have a bad habit of bringing their dogs to a clinic only when they are not feeling well. Such practice is clearly not advised especially since regular checkups helps pave the way in finding potential problems before they become too serious.


Neglecting Obedience Training

A number of pet owners settle with little to no obedience training with their dogs. As a result, dogs tend to develop a number of behavioral problem which puts both the dog and their owners in a lot of trouble. It is important for owners to avoid skipping training especially during the dog’s early years as they are more receptive with your instructions.


Mixing Human Food with their Diet


Some pet owners often share the food that they eat with their dogs. It may seem harmless at first however this can cause huge problems with their diet. This is because there are a number of human food that makes dogs really sick. It is pretty common to add spices with our food but this ingredient is bad for dogs. Talking to your veterinarian about what type of food you can provide your dogs will help you shape their diet according to their preference and needs.

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