Creative Ways to Use the Magic of a Photo Booth


It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to have a themed wedding or a birthday party. You can always run towards a photo booth rental, like Raleigh Photo Booth, to ensure that you capture your guests fancy and create fun-filled memories with all of them. Here are some great ways for you to get the most from your photo booths.

The modern and quite convenient guest book.

If you’re interested in putting up a photo booth for your birthday party, graduation celebration, or a grand wedding, you can also consider putting up a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker near it. In this way, the guests can take a photo of themselves and write down a personal message or greeting for the celebrators. If the special celebration comes with a theme that is vintage inspired, you can provide a blackboard and also a bucket of chalk to go with it.


Putting up a green screen magic.


With the help of a green screen’s magic, guests can take photos of themselves surfing while wearing a tux and the ladies wearing a cocktail dress. They can also print a photo of them having a concert in front of thousands. Guests could also find themselves traveling around the world as they use the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, and Pyramids of Giza as their backdrop.


Set up a dress-up box.

No one is too old for dressing up. What’s best with a dress-up box is that it can be extravagant or as simple as you want things to be. For a wedding reception for instance you can bring out a couple of period costumes for both men and women. You can also make things simple by putting out feather boas and strings of pearls while the gentlemen could use the canes and top hats along with the mustaches.


Experiencing the red carpet treatment.

When you want your guests to feel like celebrities, you can consider setting up a photo booth right outside the entrance to your event’s venue. Every time a group gets into the venue they can simply strike a prose and get that celebrity feeling. If you’re using the green screen magic, it’s better to have a red carpet background. You can also give a glass of champagne to the guests which will serve as props too.


Share your best photo instantly to your friends.


You can take a number of photos on the photo booth and choose the best one you got. The photo booth will instantly post the best photo on your social media accounts.

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